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Project consultants provide a fresh, structured, independent and educated perspective on your business idea and current approach to delivering your product, and helping you get to the right vision faster which may involve pivoting - testing with your users - several times to test new fundamental hypothesis about your product, business model and engine of growth.
We are employed to provide you with the tools and techniques to get these results.


Lean thinking will help you to cut the unnecessary features out from your product and define the right scope for your Minimum Viable Product, enabling you to estimate a realistic budget and schedule for building, developing and launching your product into the market.
Initially, all you need is a limited, focused version of your product – with only the most essential features that reflect key assumptions of your business model, your Minimum Viable Product.
You will be surprised how different the actual cost of your project can be from what you may currently be imagining. When you are preparing your product to its launch you want every part of it to look and operate perfectly. The logic here is strong...
Unfortunately and counterintuitively this is not the delivery model that will get you entry into the marketplace efficiently, at the right cost and with the right product.
That is why you need to launch small and fast – so you can start getting customer feedback asap and iterate or pivot from your basic vision to something your customers truly need.


Waterfall requires gathering of all - often large - requirements upfront and delivering them all in a finished product, this is useful for confirmed and known user needs and requirements; elements and information that are not normally known during your initial product development journey in startups.

However.. it is possible you do know your core requirements for your product or service at the start of your journey. Then you can utilise elements of both the Agile and Waterfall frameworks to optimise the project performance. Delivering your early stage known requirements with a front loaded fixed cost approach, taking care of any additional features to your product or service identified when your product is in your customers hands using Agile to develop them efficiently.

The team at Structured Start are here to help guide you and your team through them all.

Learning Events

The 'How to'...talks are a series of free events to provide an entry point into the subject of product/service delivery for anyone with an interest or business in the start-up world.

These talks are then followed by w/shops, bootcamps or innovation sprints to provide you with tools, techniques & frameworks to delivery more efficiently, & how to enable you to implement them in your startup business successfully.

We are also available to offer additional consultancy on how to deliver your product into the marketplace using our experience, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques.